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Where could I find a good method to learn tai chi that does not require going to an instructor?


  1. Check out the book Tai Chi the Supreme/Utimate by Robert Smith and Cheng Man Ching. Instructions, fotos, fold outs…etc.

  2. I get tired of these questions… PEOPLE…. FOR THE LAST TIME….. to learn an art like this you NEED and instructor to critique your moves! You can read and watch all you want, but you will never know if you are doing them right without instruction!

  3. You won’t find a good method to learn Tai Chi Chuan that does not require going to an instructor. Books and videos are good to supplement your training and to jog your memory, but not to replace a teacher. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for an instructor.

  4. Why you cannot learn tai chi without an instructor:
    – books and videos can only provide verbal descriptions and/or two-dimensional views of forms, while you need to see the forms from the front, back and sides
    – without having been taught tai chi, you cannot discern what aspects of a form are important and what are unimportant
    – the forms are just templates and every practioner will have differences in how to perform them. You will need an instructor to help you finding your own form
    – true tai chi training involves meditation, either standing or sitting, which is also impossible to learn without a teacher to guide you
    So do not pay your hard-earned money to methods that claim you can learn tai chi on your own with a book or a video.

  5. Doug,
    The answer is that you can’t; sorry.
    If you are still determined to do so, just declare yourself a 10th degree BB of every martial art and don’t bother learning everything wrong.

  6. DVD’s and books only show you so much. You may catch on to some basics with those. Neither will be as effective teaching-wise as having an instructor.

  7. tai chi has many subtleties in it that don’t come across very easily from books or other no-instructor things (how to shift weight, focal points, helpful imagery adna dvice, etc.). I would say just go to an instructor. Shaolin-do schools have good instructors if wanna know a good school line.

  8. i learnt taichi without an instructor, You simply move slowly and feel what is the most smooth gentle way of moving, And then you do the same with a partner.
    If you have a good traditional taichi master this is what they will get you to do anyway. taichi is so internal that it is difficult to tell people what to do – you just have to feel it,
    If you want some forms to do look up taichi and chigong on youtube.


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