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Where can you study parapsychology in Europe?

Where can you study parapsychology in Europe? And I don’t mean course in so-called ghost hunting and all of that garbage. Proper course where they teach you about mythology and social history and the application of skeptical science to mysterious events.
KGB was dissolved years ago.


  1. University of Edinburgh – Koestler Parapsychology Unit
    University of Hertfordsire – Parrott-Warwick Research Unit
    University of Gothenburg
    Lund University
    University of Utrecht
    Please be aware that most of these are PhD degrees and require an education in a more conventional science (physics, psychology, engineering, statistics, etc.).
    Also, many universities will allow doctoral dissertations or master thesis on a parapsychology topic within a conventional science degree program. For example Carl Jung’s dissertation was
    “On the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called Occult Phenomena”

  2. I was referred to the University of Freiburg, Germany as it has a good reputation and has produced some very good research. They are open to expanding beyond the standard scientific methods to find new scientific methods to do research.
    Many scientifically minded are too fixed on attempting to disprove by current methodology but by working backwards, the chance of finding a method that shows results beyond chance has potential. They have found that the human factor of biological cycles, stress, diet and other daily factors may be one of the problems with developing a standard that is able to be applied to various people.

  3. try the KGB. from what im understanding they put a lot time and effort into it. no joke.the CIA too, something called MK ULTRA.


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