Where can you learn to read akashic records in St Louis?

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I would like to learn how to access the Akashic Records. I’m looking for someone in the St Louis area that can teach it.
Ok you funny people. I am aware that the Akashic Records are etheral, not something on paper.
Please – serious answers are requested.

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The Akashic Records aren’t in St. Louis.
Just kidding!
might help you find someone in your area to teach you how to access these records.
(You do know you do it already subconsciously?)
Blessed Be!


The akashic records are not of paper. It is a vibrating wave of information that is in all things. It cannot me read in a city or place, but in everything.


It’s a little red brick building down there where that record store used to be. You know,across from that gas station? Yeah. That building. Go to the third floor. No elevator,so wear flat heels or sneakers. Knock on that big door made of gold,the one that kind of glows? Anyway,you can’t miss it. If it opens you go into this weird variation on our own time-space continuum and learn all the big secrets. Easy,been there lots of times. Have fun,and hey,say hi to Metatron for me. Tell him Maya sends her love,and thanks for all the laughs.

carla l

Try this Akashic Records Consultants International. Hope it helps.


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