Home Discussion Forum Where can you get air talismans on runescape?

Where can you get air talismans on runescape?

I’ve already completed the question where the wizard gives you one, but being the smart person… I sold it (not realizing it was for runecrafting). Now I want to start runecrafting but I can’t find an air talisman ANYWHERE. I’ve searched shops and i just can’t find ANY at all. Does anyone know where I can get one easily?


  1. My son said go to world 3 and go to the verrock shop and just wait and one will show up in the store might take 10 to 15 minutes ok bye My son said what is your screen name and he will give you one

  2. Wow i stumble across those all the time rofl but still and all i bought them off other people they cant be more then 5k

  3. I would buy at the west bank in Varrock. If you cannot find a tally then you can use a tiara as long as you know the location of the alter. ( go out south gate of Falador, follow the fence to the right until even with the spinning wheel icon, go straight south) If you cannot locate one contact me on game I am Anastasia821.

  4. sometimes if u kill monsters/enemies they leave behind a tailsman. different kinds of monsters/enemies leave different kinds of talisman ~hope this helps~ ~~~there’s a website down below u might just want to check it out


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