Home Discussion Forum where can you find amethyst crystals?

where can you find amethyst crystals?

are there any places to buy them in pennsylvania? around royersford, collegeville, king of prussia, reading, limerick, spring city, anywhere near those places. what are some different uses for them?


  1. Emmie Gems.com
    Or go to Boston in Faneuil Hall at Geoclassics and you’ll find almost every stone including the deadliest ones there too.
    I’ve been using gems for a year and some change now.

  2. scope out rock shops in your area, since amethyst is a major item in all gem and mineral shops. sometimes you can find them in gift shops, or if you have one in your town, many witch and wiccan supply stores sell them, but i would recommend a mineral shop, because they tend to have bigger and better specimens of minerals for my magic. amethyst has a lot of uses, its kind of a jack of all trades gem for use in magic, like quartz. you can use it for divination, storing energy, or healing


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