Where can u find a real wiccan book of shadows? not the one from charmed. I am wicca and i want to see one.?






I am a wiccan and i would like to make a book of shadows. Although i would like to see and example of one that someone else made to make sure i am making mine correctly. Please help.


  1. From experience I can tell you that the best book of shadows is the one you make yourself, the more of yourself you put into it the more you will get from it.

  2. answer: http://www.witchvox.com might have some suggestions. BofS are a personal thing. My girl, when she was eclectic pagan used a 3 ring binder so things could be moved around and deleted and added to easily. Also, type written pages were easier to read than hand written ones.
    Nowadays pagans do a lot on the computer too.
    What goes into a BofS can be: The Wiccan Rede * herb stuff * rituals * spells if you’re into magic * info on different gods/goddesses * tarot info * holiday info * rituals you do – stuff like that

  3. Gardinian BoS is online now, you can just google it and find a few copies. You could buy a book on making your book, but that seems redundant. I did, want my money back but you might like it its Crafting Wiccan Traditions: Creating a Foundation for Your Spi… by Raven Grimassi
    4.2 out of 5 stars (5) $11.96 Found it to be a little bit less instructional and a little bit more of a rehash of the old stuff I’ve already read. In any event younger wiccans might like it. 😀

  4. Merry Meet,
    Your BOS should come from your heart and it doesn’t matter how its made. As long as your happy with it then it shouldn’t matter. My BOS is a 3 ring binder so that way i can take out the pages if i need them. But thats just my opinion.
    In light and love,

  5. If you do not have a teacher or priest/ess to copy the BOS from, then the only way it would make any sense is to do your AS YOU WILL, not as others have done.
    If you lack a teacher, why would you want to mimic the bos of a stranger?

  6. A Book Of Shadows is your personal journal that reflects your path in Wicca. There are a lot of places that your can just find the actual book itself. My personal one is to be a large leather volume that has the )O( burned onto the cover. But the cover it just that, the cover. It’s up to you to fill the pages with your own personal spells, potions, memories, etc. My Book Of Shadows will be a gift from my teacher when I get initiated. The most important thing about the Book Of Shadows is the things that are written inside. So to finish answering your question, there is not one thing that you can do wrong when you are making your Book Of Shadows. Do whatever calls to you. If you are unsure, try using a notebook at first, organize your spells, rituals, potions, whatever is going into the book and THEN transfer it to you formal Book Of Shadows. Good luck and blessed be! By the way Kelly: that is a wonderful idea! It think I might try that for my rituals as my book doesn’t always want to stay open.

  7. There is nothing you can do wrong. It’s a way to grow, chart your growth, and remember important information. It’s just like taking notes in class.
    Just get a coil notebook or a ring binder, and write down anything and everything you find of interest or that you want to remember about Wicca. Don’t be afraid to write something stupid – you often will anyways. The point is to look back and be able to say “ok, that makes sense, and that doesn’t. I will remember what makes sense.” I have one from when I was 13, and it is FAR different than the one I keep now. The difference tells me I have grown, and reinforces my confidence in growing further, and practicing.

  8. There is no such thing as an incorrect or correct BoS. As an eclectic, you can put whatever you want in it: Rituals, chants, personal beliefs, whatever. It’s just a book with a catchy name. People use everything from leatherbound journals to spiral notebooks to computers.

  9. Merry Meet Foxy,
    If your looking for a sample or guide to go by, you can simply glance a Gerald Gardner’s online. There are also BOS’s for sale at your local book store. Its a simple guide to a new person in the craft. The last option I will recommend for you to find a good mentor that can help you with creating one for yourself, plus aid you in the differences between books as well as what should be going in them.
    I hope my blurp has aided some.
    Always in Light and Love

  10. Just piece it together from this and that. That’s how Gerald Gardner made the first Book of Shadows.
    ” [M]any of the Book of Shadows rituals did not exist in 1954 (when Witchcraft Today was published) but instead were still being written. [T]he major sources from which the rituals had been constructed included: (a) Mather’s edition of the Greater Key of Solomon; (b) Aleister Crowley’s Magic in Theory and Practice; (c) Leland’s Aradia (d) some Masonic rituals akin to those described by Duncan and those of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (aside from those transmitted by Crowley; and (e) Margaret Murray’s The Witch Cult in Western Europe. There were also bits and pieces from other works by Leland, Jane E. Harrison, Gilbert Murray, James Frazier, and other great classicists from the 19th century. That accounted for EVERYTHING in the rituals! There was nothing left that differed in any important way from what you can find in those sources- – but that is NOT at all what Gardner had claimed!” (SOURCE: Crafting The Art of Magic by Adian Kelly, Page xvii)

  11. Merry Meet Foxy,
    http://www.witchesmoon.net has some really amazing BOS designs. Plus you may order a customized book if you so choose but they are pricey. Now as to the structure of a BOS, there will be as many different opinions as there are authors. Also note that a journal, BOS, and a Grimmoire are different things with different applications, although some people do mix them. Only we can really choose what we do or do not want to use. However in my opinion it is highly highly valuable to actually have a mentor to both teach you the basics of the knowledge but also how to apply it. That way you can get the most out of your BOS. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.
    Always in Light and Love,

  12. Go to Ebay or Etsy and look at BOS Spell pages to get an idea of how to style your book. Lapulia make gorgeous hand made Books of Shadows. Also look at Octoberfarm for the ORIGINAL Practical Magic BOS. She bought it at auction and you can get an idea of what a real bos is like. Of course, the best bos will be the one you design for yourself. These sites are just to give you an idea.

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