Home Discussion Forum where can the soul be found?

where can the soul be found?

the measurement problem
I am
the voids vessel
in spatial non-locality
uncertainty principle
and the consequence
upon chronological
temporal ambiguity
the place/time where
meaning is forfeit
for the sake of
not as the individual
a mind
but consciousness
as a cosmic
the soul
bathed in quantum foam


  1. where the shadow lies
    between and there is only that
    of whom we are
    and the rest we look all
    our lives for
    (so lucky I love the soul of the man I have)

  2. I would like to begin with a compliment. This is one of the very few poems I have read on this site that goes beyond teen girl angst. It goes way beyond that. I greatly enjoyed reading it and it has enough substance to keep me coming back getting even more from it. I have often pondered the consciousness of the cosmos and feel that there is a connection here with the Buddhist concept that when we die our souls return like a drop to the bucket of God. We are all connected through this cosmic soul in that manner. Where does it reside? It is ubiquitous. Thank you for the single most interesting question I have ever seen here and the most meaningful poem I have read in a very long time. May I share one of mine with you?
    I am riding the crest
    of Schrodinger’s wave
    Splashing and tumbling
    As it collapses
    On the edge of chaos
    Thank you again for making me THINK tonight.

  3. Perhaps in one of the 11 dimensions, if there is such?
    Great writing, your atoms release a lot of energy 🙂


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