Home Discussion Forum Where can someone find a list of the Celtic, neo-Pagan deities?

Where can someone find a list of the Celtic, neo-Pagan deities?

If someone wants to become a Celtic neo-Pagan, where can they find a list of Celtic, neo-Pagan deities?


  1. Hi, I did a quick search and found some articles on Real Magick. I use this site quite a lot, and find there are often answers to my questions in the articles there. I hope this helps you.

  2. actually rather than looking on pagan websites I would recommend reading translations of the actual celtic myths. There’s a lot of bogus stuff out there– ie neo pagan authors mixing Welsh and Irish deities, claiming the ‘celts’ (whoever they were, the people we call celts never named themselves so) worshipped a fluffy peaceful earth-mother,inventing spurious deities etc
    As for the guy claiming Cernunnos was the ‘devil’-hardly likely since pagans don’t believe in the devil, as it’s part of the Judeo-Christian myth. Christian missionaries merely moved Cernunnos’s horns onto their ‘Satan’ in order to demonize a powerful native fertility/hunting god who might remain too popular amongst the people otherwise. Indeed Cernunnos’s roots might well go back as far as the mesolithic.

  3. Brother in magic hit the head on the nail also with Cernunnos its a catch all phrase for any horned deity within the celtic pantheons due to the new age movement. Be very careful to when you say new age celtic deities you can upset alot of people who take pride in their ancestry and such. With that being said there is an awesome reading list off of Pƃ ganachd – A Celtic Reconstructionist Gateway just google it, that will have every thing you need and much more and it’ll steer you away from the fluffy bunny new age nonsense.. =)


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