Home Discussion Forum where can i talk to a psychic or medium?

where can i talk to a psychic or medium?

i want to speak to a psychic.
i was wondering if anyone knows a psychic or medium i can speak to for free.
reasons i want to speak to a psychic or medium is because I’ve lost my sims 3 game and don’t know where it is, and i wanted to ask a few questions about my future and etc.
so are there any psychics i can speak to by phone or internet for free?


  1. Soft-Pedaling Satan’s Role
    When speaking of angels, we should not ignore the wicked angels, heavenly creatures who the Bible says rebelled against God. Foremost of these is Satan. A popular book called Ask Your Angels suggests that Satan is merely “an aspect of God” who helps humans strengthen their “spiritual muscles” through constant temptation. Despite Satan’s “loving intentions,” the authors state, he has over the centuries become mistakenly identified with evil. They add that Satan and Jesus, “while not exactly complementary to each other, are at least on the same side, integral parts of the same whole.” These are astonishing assertions, but what does the Bible say?
    The Bible makes it clear that Satan is not “an aspect of God” but an enemy of God. (Luke 10:18, 19; Romans 16:20) He defies Jehovah’s sovereignty, and his intentions toward humans are hardly “loving.” He heartlessly vents his wrath on God’s earthly servants. He accuses them before God day and night!* (Revelation 12:10, 12, 15-17) Satan is intent on corrupting them at any cost. His merciless persecution of the righteous man Job exposed his callous attitude toward human suffering.–Job 1:13-19; 2:7, 8.
    Far from being “on the same side,” Satan and Jesus are diametrically opposed to each other. Why, it was undoubtedly Satan who induced Herod to decree a mass infanticide–all in an effort to do away with the young child Jesus! (Matthew 2:16-18) And Satan’s relentless attacks continued right up until Jesus’ death. (Luke 4:1-13; John 13:27) Thus, rather than being “integral parts of the same whole,” Jesus and Satan are complete opposites. Bible prophecy shows that their enmity is inevitable. (Genesis 3:15) Fittingly, it is the resurrected Jesus who will destroy Satan in God’s due time.–Revelation 1:18; 20:1, 10.
    Prayers to Whom?
    Some advocates of the angel movement recommend meditation and other techniques in order to communicate with angels. “A sincere request for contact with any member of the celestial family will not go unheeded,” says one book. “Ask and you shall be answered.” Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael are among the angels the book recommends for consultation.#
    However, Jesus taught his followers to pray to God, not to angels. (Matthew 6:9, 10) Similarly, Paul wrote: “In everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving let your petitions be made known to God.” (Philippians 4:6) In their prayers, therefore, Christians do not approach anyone except Jehovah, and they do so in the name of Jesus Christ. –John 14:6, 13, 14.
    Nondenominational Angels?
    According to Eileen Elias Freeman, who presides over the AngelWatch Network, “angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact, angels have no religion as we know it.”
    The Bible, however, makes it clear that faithful angels do have a religion; they worship the true God, Jehovah, who tolerates no rivalry from other gods. (Deuteronomy 5:6, 7; Revelation 7:11) Thus, such an angel described himself to the apostle John as “a fellow slave” of those who obey God’s commands. (Revelation 19:10) Nowhere in the Bible do we read of faithful angels upholding any other form of worship. They give Jehovah exclusive devotion.–Exodus 20:4, 5.
    “The Father of the Lie”
    Many so-called angelic encounters involve communication with the dead. “I had the feeling that my uncle had found a way to reach me and let me know that he was happy at last,” says a woman named Elise after receiving what she felt was a sign. Terri similarly remembers a dear friend who died. “A week after the funeral,” she says, “he came to me in what I thought was a dream. He told me I should not mourn his departure, because he was happy and at peace.”
    But the Bible states that the dead “are conscious of nothing at all.” (Ecclesiastes 9:5) It also says that when a person dies, “in that day his thoughts do perish.” (Psalm 146:4) Satan, however, is “the father of the lie.” (John 8:44) He is the one who originated the falsehood that the human soul survives death. (Compare Ezekiel 18:4.) Many people today believe this, which suits Satan’s purpose, for it negates the need for faith in the resurrection–a fundamental doctrine of Christianity. (John 5:28, 29) So, inquiring of the dead or seemingly receiving messages from them is yet another facet of the angel movement that is not approved by God.
    Approach to Angels or to Demons?
    Much of the current angel movement dabbles in the occult. Consider Marcia’s experience. “From September to December 1986,” she says, “I began to receive messages from ‘beyond the third dimension.’ I saw apparitions and had incredible ‘past life’ dreams. I contacted friends who had died and had many other psychic experiences in which I knew things about people I had just met. I also became blessed with the gift of automatic writing and transmitted messages from discarnates. Some, whom I have never met in their earthly lives, would deliver messages to others through m

  2. I advice you not to contact a medium; most will charge you more than it costs to buy a new copy of the game (I guess that’s the reason you want a “free” reading). Plus, anything they can say about your future is what they gain from cold reading you.

  3. psychic here
    Oh and look I am contacting you, really these people are true skeptics aren’t they.. anyway
    if you ever need help i do have my own website and I do charge but it is not “expensive” http://www.psychictarotreadings.net/ or i also answer questions on my vlogs on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/deborahpsychic
    when you post a question though it is open for everyone to see and it is not like a long reading… but hey, its free. hope i could help


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