Where can I take a Tai Chi class in the Twin Cities?

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I get back to St. Paul/ Minneapolis in May, and would really like to take up Tai Chi. Does anyone know a good place to go to take classes? I looked at the U of M, and at Century, but they aren’t offering it.

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David N

First, decide what type of Tai Chi you want to take.
The two types most commonly taught are:
If you have bad feet, ankles or knees — you might want to stay away from Chen because it involves some foot stomping.
Second check out the yellow pages under Tai Chi or Martial Arts Instruction.
If there is a “Tai Chi Center” or someplace with a similar name, check it out.
If you are a member of the YMCA (or JCC), see if they offer classes.
If you are NOT a member of the YMCA, see which branch offers Tai Chi lessons and join that branch. That’s probably the cheapest way to take classes that you will find. PLUS you will get all of the other benefits of being a YMCA member.
If you do your Taiji properly, you will be doing a lot of practice at home and it will take quite some time to master anyway. So, the slow pace of learning at the Y should not inhibit your progress.

Martial Arts

Look at the local community centers by your house they should offer it.


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