where can i study the Occult and Thelema near detroit?

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i find my self very interested in Occult and Thelema, and im looking for a place to study it near detroit michigan.

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The public library, the library of congress (on-line), Google search. All of these will get you started.


I imagine there’s quite a bit of occult silliness in Ann Arbor, given that it’s a uni town.


Ah, I recommend you start at the very basics with Aleister Crowley’s “Book of the Law” which was written in 1904, after experiences that he had gone through whilst in Egypt.


For Thelema you live near an O.T.O body : http://www.blueequinox.org/
Regardless of how you feel towards the O.T.O it is a good place to learn. Also, I assume they perform a monthly Gnostic Mass, which you could participate in to see for yourself.
If you are under 18, however, you may need some parental permission to do anything. Check with the law, the body, and your parents if that is the case.
Here is a copy of Liber Al, Liber Oz, and Lege- The primary holy book of Thelema, a declaration of rights, and an epistle.
As Thelemites, we GENERALLY do not discuss the contents of Liber Al, as it is up to each person to read it and determine it’s meaning to them. We are a religion of individual liberties with varied beliefs; the only unifying belief we have is Liber Al, any thing else is what the individual has done on their own.
As you may have guessed, I myself am a Thelemite, and am happy to answer questions. I am in no way associated with the US Grand Lodge of the OTO, nor any A.:.A.:. lineage. I practice ritual magick and yoga, but practice scientific illuminism, so you will not hear me speak of supernatural forces very often.
For the occult, most Thelemites are occultists, so you could ask questions at the O.T.O body; just understand if you talk like you are crazy you will likely be ostracized. If you beleive you are of the Merovingian bloodline, or are in some way more special than any one else, do not bring it up.
Also, check out http://www.hermetic.com/ they have many books you can study, if you are not blessed with a good income [I am from Michigan, so I know that you may not, especially in Detroit]. Beyond that, there are thousands of sites on the internet; just be careful and take everything with a grain of salt until you do it yourself.
At any rate, I hope I have helped.

Prospero Reincarnate

If you don’t own it, I suggest getting a copy of Magick in Theory and Practice. It’s currently only published within a more expensive volume that includes Book IV, and something else. However, Magick in Theory and Practice is really all you need to understand and practice what you’re looking for. Anyway, you can buy it cheaper at that link used. There may be a local chapter of an OTO group performing the mass, which will be enlightening to attend. And no doubt, in a city like Detroit there will be some A:.A:. members, if you seek them out.


Try these guys. Look on the website for open events, email the webmaster and/or bodymaster. Usually the local OTO bodies are the way to go with that and they are usually a friendly crowd.
Some bodies have a coffee night or an open night for the public to come and meet and get preliminary information on Thelema.
I’d say that’s your best bet.
Don’t forget http://www.hermetic.com for the Crowley library and the local library.
Good books to begin with are
“The Magick of Aleister Crowley” by Lon Milo DuQuette
“The Law is For All” by Aleister Crowley.
Good luck and 93!


Why don’t you try to meet some occultists in your area, or visit an occult bookstore (Crazy Wisdom is a very good one in Ann Arbor). I’m in the process of forming another rag-tag group of Thelemites for meet-up every week or two. If you’re close to A2, send me an e-mail:
Btw, my name is Sean
93 93/93.

Sean Parsons

Btw II: If you are interested in Thelema, I am an initiate of OTO, though at the moment, not an active participant.
93 93/93.

samuel benchimol

I am really interested in Hermetic ism. I would like to chat. Sam

Sean Nolan

Hi Sam ~
Just came across this webpage by accident. Forgot I’d posted, but this is from my hunt for occultists, as Ann Arbor seems hopelessly devoid of them. My apologies about getting back to you so late. At any rate, are you from the A2 area?
I should also expand, that I was initiated into OTO as a Minerval, which is the introductory degree. Some say that is membership, some say it isn’t, but just wanted to clear that part up.
You have my e-mail now, so shoot me one 🙂


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