Where can I study , contribe and share knowledge of energy healing in the world.?

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I am a Uk and NZ registered nurse and have studied tai chi for twenty years.I am in my forties male and would like to develop a non pharmacological approach to life, wellness and healing. I currently live in NZ Thanks Mich.

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Dr. Hylozoists

Unlike pure sciences , energy healing requires a lot of practise and the pursuit of truth from a spiritual perspective.
A good way to start would be to read as much as about different vibrational healing techniques and putting them to practise.
Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century by Dr. Richard Gerber is a book which i have found very useful.


I’m A Massage Therapist and you should look into it. There are so many Modalities of which I’m sure you can find one to practice to suit you desire for wellness and health, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Therapeutic Touch, and many many more………here’s a link to check out


church? my best experience at a doctors was at a christian doctor place – they were more holistic approach to issues and took an interest in me as a person rather than a rat…


Tai Chi is wonderful art. I have studied with several masters in the Cheng Man Chin form (Yang style) for about 15 years. I am a physician (MD) who has been studying integrated medicine for last twenty years.
There are many ways to study energy healing – as practitioner of Tai Chi, you have an excellent basis. In my article (to be published in November), the review of energy healing modalities reiki, therapeutic touch, and medical qi gong, all show improvement in the quality of life. However, only medical qi gong show improvement in condition as well as quality of life.
Here in the US energy medicine is not yet recognized as a licensed discipline. Many routes including Reiki, Jin Shin, Jo Rei, TT, or medical QG, all provide routes.
Ken Cohen, a renowned Qi Gong master and a good friend of mine, has courses. There are other schools like Barbara Brennan. Georgia Integrative Medicine offers one year intensive energy medicine internship followed by optional six month medical intuition fellowship.


How do I learn how to manipulate energy?

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