Where can I purchase crystals for healing?

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One of the shops in Diagon Alley should sort you out.


They don’t heal anything. Just so you know.


any shop selling pretty rocks. They have no effect at all on your health

massage therapist

Where else….from a HIO chiropractor,just make sure you ask him to bless them

Jen from DragonFae Creations

Ebay is a great place to buy crystals. There are so many sellers on there but I’ll list a few of my favorite sellers that I have personally bought from and highly recommend.
bluewatercrystals (stores.ebay.com/Top-Stones-Crystal-Quartz-Amethyst)
jeannescrystals (stores.ebay.com/Jeannes-Crystals-and-Gifts)
6860dawn (stores.ebay.com/The-Rock-Room)
stonemedicineinc (stores.ebay.com/Stone-Medicine)
crowhavencottage (stores.ebay.com/Crow-Haven-Cottage).
An online store I recommend would be Healing Crystals (www.healingcrystals.com) – Here you’ll find a lot of crystals and any information about them that you could possible want. They are a great company that’s happy to answer any questions for you.
As for finding stores locally I would suggest 2 websites:
The Witches’ Voice (www.witchvox.com) has on it a list of local new age shops. On the left hand side simply pick your location. Keep in mind not all stores may still be around plus there may be new ones that are not listed, but it’s a great starting place.
Mind, Body, Spirit Directory (bodymindspiritdirectory.org) is another great place to check out. Choose your location. Just like with the Witches’ Voice, some places may no longer be open so call first.


Why? Has Lucky Charmsâ„¢ gotten too expensive?


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