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Hi where are some good places to practice Zen Meditation? I like to sit Zazen on my own but often I can not find a good place to meditate. My home is usually too busy and loud to focus because my family is always coming and going. Where are some good quiet places to meditate? Also, where can I get a larger pillow to sit on? The normal Zen cushions seem to be too small for me.

Answer by Tiger Woods
The bathroom is a quiet place to be, and you can buy large pillows at any department store.


  • If your home is too busy and loud, then you might try getting up in the morning before everyone else and practice before the day’s activities get started. I’ve practiced Zen in this manner for 20 years and have found that it makes the whole day go a little easier.

    I know a woman who was married and raised a family. She would manage her household all day long and then, late at night when everyone was asleep, she would go into a closet, close the door, and sit in Zen meditation for an hour. Then she’d go to bed. Now she’s an ordained nun and a very strong Zen master.

    All Zen meditation requires is a strong “try mind” – the commitment to try, no matter what.

    Here are some ideas for a larger cushion.

    – Most pillows are too soft to support your body properly. But you might be able to create a cushion by taking a firm blanket and folding it into the proper size. You might need two blankets, but this can provide a good, inexpensive solution.

    – The Monastery Store offers a wide variety of cushions, including oversized cushions. You might check these out:

    – DharmaCrafts will sometimes make a custom-sized cushion. You might check them out:

  • You can often find a quiet spot in the park, if the
    weather is nice… especially on a weekday.

    A blanket can be folded up in whatever way you
    like, and give you a comfortable place to sit.

  • The library would be a good place. People may look at you funny, but with my experience with libraries, all the clients are a bit loony.

    I can’t get anything done at home, least of all meditation. I’m not sure what it is, but it must give off negative energy or something.

    If all else fails though you could always just use noise cancelling headphones.

  • A good sized floor pillow can replace Zen cushions. These can be bought at most furniture stores or larger retailers. As for places to meditate there are not many that will be completely exclusive. Search around to see if there is a group following your practices in your community. They will be open and happy to show you their places or to provide a place for you.

  • how bout in a cave…..did you say Zen Meditation???
    waste of time.

    try something real like The Bible the book that’s stood the test of time!

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