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Where can I order online yoga strectch pants that are long and a cute romper?

My legs are long and I am petite so I need to order online some nice yoga pants that are cotton material and maybe partially spandex. I also want a cute romperr. Any ideas websites thanks.


  1. Hi Vivian,
    We now do online orders through our website, http://www.lululemon.com. We have a wide selection of yoga pants designed for various types of yoga. Most are made of our luon material which is made of a synthetic fibre that has sweat-wicking capabilities, shape retention, and 4-way stretch for freedom of movement. We also carry yoga pants made of cotton french terry, which have stretch as well so you don’t have to worry about them losing their shape.
    Take a look at our selection of yoga pants and read through the “Why We Made This” at the bottom of the product page to find the right pair of pants for you: http://bit.ly/17tKD3
    Hope this helps you find what you’re looking for 🙂
    GEC Online Community
    lululemon athletica

  2. I guess ebay would be a nice site for u or a site that sell yoga outfits and facilities.
    try to check out also the best yoga class in Houston


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