Where can I learn to use magick?

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I met someone who agreed to teach me blair (black magick, think of the blair witch) but I need a place to start, is there anyone who can help me with this or knows somewhere I can learn?

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Boy Puddles

Listen, why don’t you cut the bull and answer me this: How is it that a mass murderer, on death row, gets picked up by your agency, turned into a friggen cyborg, and then set loose on a killing spree?


magicK? great
anyway you can learn about it but you can’t learn to use it


Use your computer and do a search…no one here will tell you.


Try asking someone at a occult/wicca/psychic/new age store. Sometimes people are holding classes and they may recommend some books to you to read. Basics pretty much.
And you may get recommend to read some of Scott Cunningham books.

wiccan Witch

Black magic is evil and dangerous to attempt. You would be making a HUGE mistake to practice black magic.


Magic is devoid of colour. Blair Witch is nonsense.


blair witch is crap…. if you wanna learn about magick (do you even know WHY wiccans put the K at the end of magic?) start googling wicca. They overlap a lot and it’s a good place to get started.


wiccans give me feed back, what is the ideal type of magick and element?

crystal clear wicca isnt all about magick and its (the real magick is anyway) spelled with a k at the end stupid....... i take that back (smile)...

For crystal ball users: what advice would you give to first time scryers?

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to dispense knowledgable advice on those who own these beautiful crystals to come forward and share...
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