Where can I learn Tai-Chi in the Philippines?

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I want to learn Tai-Chi in my vacation here in the Philippines at Manila. Does anyone know any Tai-Chi classes I can take here in Manila?


  1. You can check with the local YMCA in Sta Cruz, Binondo area. They might have schedule and listings.
    Or during Sundays, go to Luneta Park and ask the practitioners here.

  2. Have a look at these:
    Contact Name: Rudolph Petalver
    Business Name: Chevalier Monks of Christ
    City: Quezon city
    State: N/A
    Country: Asia-Philippines
    Phone Number: 632-419-3116
    Center’s Major Interest: Yang Style
    Contact Name: Danilo Naoe
    Business Name: Tai Chi for Arthritis
    City: Quezon
    State: N/A
    Country: Asia-Philippines
    Phone Number: 0927-906-2129
    Center’s Major Interest: Yang Style

  3. If Manila is near China Town, there are some really awesome practitioners there and a good variety of traditional Chinese martial arts. My teacher was born there though he is Chinese. I don’t know how close it is to Manila though.
    I just found out that Hokkien people live in Chinatown in Manila. You will find great martial arts there.


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