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Where can I learn real Kabbalah?

Do I have to convert to Judaism to learn Kabbalah, real Kabbalah? Or are there books I can read? If so can you suggest some for me, for complete beginners? Or can I get someone to teach me and where would I find him/them? I’m not talking about the fast food Kabbalah Centre crap by the way. Thanks!


  1. You don’t have to convert to Judaism, but you do need to know Hebrew, and be extremely knowledgeable in Jewish texts and tradition. Real kabbalah is not intended for complete beginners; Even great rabbis don’t feel that they are qualified to learn it. In fact, there is a tradition that one should not learn kabbalah before the age of 40, because otherwise (s)he couldn’t possibly have learned enough.
    So, sorry, it is not possible to study kabbalah (and understand it) without years of preparation.
    The Wikipedia article seems well written. Please see it for an overview of what Kabbalah is. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabbalah

  2. No you do not have to be Jewish to study Kabbalah. You can can take courses on the net besides finding all kinds of information about it too. l checked into it but felt that l should go into a different direction. Good luck.

  3. Unfortunately, you can’t. Real Kabbalah is only taught to those who have already devoted their life to Talmudic studies and have mastered the entire Tnach, including commentaries. The popular Kabbalah is at times a bit misleading.

  4. I’m glad to stumble upon your question. The link below will direct you to a free, interactive course on Kabbalah, streamed live twice a week, segmented by seasonal semesters:
    As for books, here are a list of my favorite books on Kabbalah designed for beginners, and link under them which allows you to purchase them online, or download them for free:
    “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Kabbalah” (http://www.kabbalahbooks.info/product-p/complete-idiots-guide-kabbalah.htm)
    “Kabbalah for Beginners” (http://www.kabbalahbooks.info/product-p/kabbalah-for-beginners.htm)
    “Kabbalah Revealed” (http://www.kabbalahbooks.info/product-p/kabbalah-revealed.htm)
    Lastly, Here are some introduction videos to real Kabbalah:

  5. The book you’re looking for is the Zohar. Unfortunately, you won’t understand much of it without studying with a group of knowledgeable Jews. Call local synagogues and ask if they have any Zohar groups.


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