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Where can I learn more about nature’s/crystal healing qualities?

my friend’s have been looking into certain types of wiccan practices, many involving simple spell, but it’s not for me. I don’t trust myself with that kind of ‘magick’. what I have been interested in is crystal healing and the healing properties of nature (example moon, or lunar water). I also got a pendulum (picture jadper) and I love the connection that is growing. I want to know more, like what books are out there that can teach me more. sorrrryyyy this is a huge description. thank you for everything though, in advanced.


  • I would strongly recommend Judy Hall’s “Crystal Bible” book. She gives care tips and metaphysical descriptions for over 200 crystals. Plus it has photos which is always helpful. I have found that it is the book I reference the most. In fact, I have 2 copies. It is my personal favorite. It is organized alphabetically.

    I also usually recommend Philip Permutt’s “The Crystal Healer”. This book has short and sweet descriptions. The book is organized by color. This is helpful if you are not sure what crystal you have. Simply go to the color section and see which one looks similar. It also has an ailments section in the back where it recommends crystals for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. This book is the one that I bought for my oldest son and my niece when they first started collecting crystals. It also gives care tips.

    Website wise the absolute BEST site for information about crystals is Healing Crystals. Here is a direct link to their metaphysical directory of crystals – http://www.healingcrystals.com/Metaphysical_Directory_Crystal_Guide_Topics_3.html

  • Okay– crystals, spells, pendulums, etc. they are not “Wiccan practices.” Let me explain:

    Wiccans are allowed to explore these kinds of new age and occult things up the wazoo, there are no restrictions in our religion about it.

    But if Wicca is the pizza, these things are just the toppings.

    Think of it like this– a Wiccan can be into scrapbooking; she can scrapbook her Book of Shadows and it can be a spiritual experience for her. That doesn’t make scrapbooking a Wiccan practice, and just because someone avidly scrapbooks it won’t make them Wiccan.

    These practices aren’t required– and you’re not going to learn about actual Wicca– the actual religion– by pursuing these side interests.

    If you are interested in Wicca, perhaps you should drop the other interests for a while– and actually study wicca.

    Here is a really good website: wicca.cnbeyer.com and has a really good recommended reading list.

  • You realize that all that wiccan stuff — healing crystals and water, spells, pendulum– is pure baloney, and that any book that describes that stuff is also going to be 100% bunk, right?

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