Where can i learn meditation for free? Any websites that offer free guided meditation?

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I am so depressed right now, I need something positive to cheer me up and help me remain compassionate. I want to learn to meditate, I checked with the Buddha learning center today and it cost $60 for a session! I didn’t pay, of course, i want to see if there are any alternatives.
Anyone know of any good websites that offer free meditation?

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Veronica F

selfhelptree.com is really good, I used to be depressed all the time until I learned meditation with my yoga teacher. She plays clips from selfhelptree.com as we sat still. I noticed my mind became so quiet and clear.


well, i felt the same way and took a run to the library and checked out a few books that have tons of lovely help. also, you may want to check out youtube and see if they have some nice yoga or meditation videos for you to practice with. good luck and peace be with you! (:


It sounds as if you need to look after your own depression FIRST! Then when you find out what’s at the bottom of that and resolve the problem–whether medical or psychological. THEN, you have the health and energy available to become compassionate toward others!! Heal thyself! First.
It sounds like you need to go see a good psychotherapist. You’re trying to shift from your own feelings to being compassionate for others. Tend to yourself, first; then compassion for others is readily available. Find out what your depression is about–medical or psychological! Good Luck!
pe a little thermometer on a finger. Ask a friend to read a series of statements (slowly) “You are relaxed. You feel warm and comfortable.” Etc. Let go in your mind and “feel” the blood flowing from your head down into your feet and hands.


I think its great you have decided to give meditation a try. There are loads of free guided meds on you tube but I think they will only relax you not really do exactly what meditation can for you.
Here is a very good course, simple and easy to learn. They also have a great community where you can ask questions etc


the website http://www.freemeditation.ca has free online guided meditation as well as info. on free meditation classes. Also the site http://www.freemeditation.tv has free live online meditation classes every Wed. night at 9 pm eastern time


Click the link below this message. I am a member of this website.
It has over 15000 people who have joined around the globe, you can chat in the community forum and they also offer a free meditation course and 20 free guided meditations.
See you in the forums 🙂


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