Home Discussion Forum where can i learn kung fu or Tai Chi in Sacramento?

where can i learn kung fu or Tai Chi in Sacramento?

Prefer to be in Elk Grove, but please advise if you know good master.


  1. Phillip has given a great start for searching the school, here’s my suggestion just in case.
    Check your local yellow pages look for the all the available schools your area has to offer.
    The reason I always suggest to look in the phone book first is due to the fact you’re pretty looking for a school in your local area. This makes your inquiry a lot faster and easier because all the information is available for you right there.
    Secondly, if you are not having any success with this type search, try contacting an organization of that particular style on the internet and ask if they can refer schools or instructors available in your local area.
    Please note that there are good number of good instructors that do not advertise or teach for commercial purpose thus you won’t see them advertise anywhere. They are mostly located in private gyms or community centers.
    Hope this helps and good luck with your search.


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