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Where can I learn how to read tarot cards?

I’ve had many readings done and it always comes true. I really want to learn how to read tarot cards for myself. I’m looking for a really useful website. Can anyone help me?


  1. There are many websites that can help you and there are usually directions that come with the box of cards

  2. If you can read English, you can read Tarot Cards.
    But if you think they give you supernatural powers, you’re sadly mistaken.

  3. the rider-waite tarot deck has a decent pocket sized book with it and a good sytem of numbers and suits. once you understand that the rest relies i think on your creativity and understanding of psychology and of just peoples lives. I can’t remember all the numbers havn’t used them in a while.
    there are 4 suits like a regular deck of cards
    pentacles/ pentagrams- these are diamonds on a normal deck and it’s easy to see this means money or material possesions like diamonds.
    cups- these are hearts, they stand for emotions
    wands- wands are actions i believe, though i personally think they should be ideas. wands refer to clubs in my mind because a club is just a big stick like a wand.
    swords- these are spades because a spade is a farm instrument with a wooden handle and steel or metal hoe on the top. swords stand for actions
    lets recap what we have so far….pentacles= money, cups= emotions, wands are actions and swords are ideas. Now lets move on to the numbers.
    1= is the ace, like a normal deck of cards and you can read a normal deck of playing cards if you choose. I don’t have great understanding of this card. I’m lazy. I consider it to be like getting an ace in poker. It’s good stuff for sure, it could also be beginings or other things that you personally associate with aces.
    2= choices. obviously there’s two sides, 2 choices. for example a 2 of pentacles, means a choice between money issues. it helps to know what the person wants to know, they usually have to ask a question. For me it also helps to know the person and know what they’re going through in life. choices of money may mean that they could get some money here or they could get some there and they have to choose. It may also mean that they are deciding between 2 things to buy and they must make this choice regarding thier finances.
    3 is creativity
    4 is stability- to build a house you generally have 4 walls or 4 support structures like under an average chair. when looking at the 4 of pentacles the rider waite deck has a man clutching 4 coins. stability of materials requires one hold tight to thier money. the 4 of pentacles can represent greed. it’s root is simply material stability however there are many consequences of this and the greedy figure in the picture is just one way this might play out.
    5. i believe is conflict, conflicting ideas, conflicting actions, conflicting emotions or conflicting material depending on the suit. conflicting ideas card shows a melee of people hitting eachother with sticks, when your mind is torn it is very chaotic. conflicting actions card shows a man triumphant and an unhappy loser in the background. When your actions conflict with anothers one is bound to lose and there will be hurt feelings. lets say simply we want to decide where to eat. I want pizza you want chinese, we have to go to one or the other and the loser might not be happy about it.
    6= according to the tarot is balance (i think, or peace) which is odd 666 being the evil number but it’s positive in the tarot at least 6 is. you get 3 6’s in a row might make you reonsider idk.
    7= i like 7, much like the ace i just consider it lucky 7’s, i’m happy doing that but a better understanding of that number is good and i encourage you to learn more about that aspect of our humanity. As i see tarot as beginer psychology of olde thymy people from back in the day. Tools to help you understand your personal life and others. provoke thought and understanding.
    8= i think is action once again, we said wands were action too. So the 8 of wands is action on action. a very active card. the picture on my eck shows wands flying through the air and whats more active than that i say. Lets say the 8 of pentacles, this is money in action. The card shows a man at his work bench making pentacles. He’s making money! This is not money in action but action for money. This shows how careful you must be and how you should interpret the cards as you see them not based on this sytem of numbers and suits which is only a rough guide. You must take into account what the subject is and what the question is to interpret each card.
    finally 9’s= means multiplicity 3×3=9, multiples. 9 is also the magic number any number times 9 eventually comes out to 9. 9×2=18 take the 1 and 8 add to make 9. 9×3=27, 2+7=9. Pick any number you want multiply by 9 add the answer together you get 9 always. multiplicity of materials means you got a lot of money. multiplicity of ideas means your heads filled up with so much.
    and 10= 10’s are cycles. it’s the last number before starting back at the begining with 1 or 11 which is like a 1. the cycle of pentacles can be like inheritence. dad dies and the money comes back around to you now. the cycle
    too much i’m sorry, this is for my own amusment really.
    now we have the face cards like the king queen and jack. except unlike a normal deck of playing cards there are 4 and none are explicitly the jack. you have the king, queen, knight and page, i’m out of room.

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