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Where can I learn Buddhist chants?

Where can I find free resources (preferably online) to learn how to chant. I’m a Westerner with no knowledge of Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Japanese, or any language that the chants are typically in, so I need help learning them.


  1. This site has a number of Buddhist chants – Transliterations, English translations, and MP3’s of the chants. This makes it very easy to learn them (well, relatively easy – it will take time!).
    Kwan Um School of Zen
    From the site’s home page, click on “For Members” – the 8th menu button on the left side of the page. This will take you to a lot of resources, including the chants (which are about 1/2 way down the page).
    Most of the chants are in Chinese, Sino-Korean, or Sanskrit. There is also a version of the Heart Sutra in English.
    Best wishes on your chanting!

  2. In Nichiren Buddhism, we chant
    ” Nam- myoho-renge- kyo”
    It is the true entity of all phenomena.
    We all possess this nature within our lives.
    Through chanting we can bring it out as Courage, Wisdom, and Compassion to apply our daily life.
    Check this website
    Click “Beginning your practice”
    on the top column, then go to ” Resources for New Members” you’ll see ” Slow chanting”
    ,you can hear chanting.
    You can also find the meaning of chanting and
    more info .
    http://www.sgi.org is helpful too.


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