Where can I go to learn real sorcery, shamanism, and summoning?

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I’ve begun to try learning shamanism but I’m having some difficulty with finding my power animal. This might be because I have little in the way of instruction on the matter at hand. Also I wish to learn more about sorcery and the summoning arts. I have a deep seated desire, need even, to understand and practice all three arts. Will any please help me with the basics of these practices?

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shamanism isn’t really a religion in and of itself… it’s more of a general idea that has been seen throughout different cultural beliefs… the word “shaman” simply means “spirit walker”… one who walks in the spirit world (usually with the help of a lot of drugs). Sorcery is ceremonial magic and there are different types of those… the Golden Dawn would be considered to use sorcery for all of the ceremonial rituals they have. Though, the Golden Dawn is more of a secret society…
There is a lot of information on these things, but I suggest first reading history books concerning the people who used them.


Read the books written by Carlos Castenada. I found them to be helpful in my quest.


all who practice magick come here!!?

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