Where can I go online to get a good Aura reading?

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Look up P.T. Barnum.

Mortal Chortle

How would that work online? In theory isn’t the person supposed to SEE you to SEE your aura? *sigh*

Boba Fett

The evidence is that aura reading is superstition.

Second Coming of BrokenEye

Well, that may not be a good place to get a good Aura reading, but the effect will still be the same. If you want to pay me $20, though, I’ll make something up about your aura that you’ll believe.


As I read your question, I have this overwhelming sense of orange. Were your ancestors Scottish?


You can’t. There is no such thing as ‘online’ aura reading. Reading of the aura Must be done In Person and anyone who says otherwise is only involved in a scam and should be reported.


You can’t. It is all B.S.


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