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Where can I go and what can I do to find myself?

A little backstory. I am a 28 year old American male. I was born and raised in Pa and now live in Fl. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend of 7 years. I also just had a near death experience and ego death. I never went to college. I’m intelligent, spiritual, caring, social, etc… I think I’m a great guy. I have an internal struggle and sense of not fitting in anywhere. I’m not sure what I want to do with my life, but it’s not that simple. I have always been an “outside of the box” type person, but have worked and paid taxes and thought I wanted the “American dream”. I’m not so sure now.
I have decided to take a journey. I’m selling almost everything I own and quiting my job and want to just exist and explore and find myself. I guess something similar to the Australian aboriginal Walkabout or the Amish Rumspringa, but not exactly. Basically I just want to explore, meet people, and meditate and have a spiritual journey until I’m finished.
Does anyone have any ideas or tips on where I can go and what I can do to obtain enlightenment and satisfy my souls yearning? I’m willing to go anywhere in the world. I would of course work where ever I am to make money to get by if my savings run dry.


  1. This sounds so much like me it’s sickening. I’m about to finish up undergrad, and after that, I plan on going penniless trying to travel and see places. I don’t really know where I’ll end up, so I surely can’t give you too many ideas.
    I have a friend who is spending 8 months backpacking around South America, and he says it’s been amazing. I think that sounds really…Attractive. I think the main requirement for me is; no resorts, no private beaches, no five star restaurants. I want to be able to travel with a very small bank account. Money just makes you play it safe, and it’s not as much of an experience.
    I definitely want to hike around the Pacific Northwest at some point, but at the same time I do want to get out of America. I can’t stand the American dream; this individualistic “I watch out for me, and screw everyone else” mentality is so stupid. Morals are rooted in community, and I think most other countries realize that. I want to see those places and see what the people are like there.
    I think I’ll just keep rambling if I don’t stop, so I’m going to stop. All I can say is; do a little research, find what interests you, and do it. There’s nothing that can stop you if you want to do it bad enough. Don’t fall for social constraints or social constructs. Break the barriers, and keep thinking outside of the box.
    OH now that I think of it – check out http://www.couchsurfing.com – a girl I dated last year had her place registered under this site, and it’s incredibly legit. If/when I backpack through Europe, I’m going this route. Free housing + meeting people of that country – you can filter results through background checks along with user testimonials. Check it out.
    Best of luck to you.

  2. I would by a plane ticket to south america and be a “hermit”, living simply with a small shack. Making your own blank books, and writing down what you observe, how you feel, and your impurities. almost creating your own way of life, living simply, at rest. until you’re ready to go back.

  3. You can go on a vision quest free. Find a place, such as the desert or mountains, and fast for several days or a week. You will either have a vision or die. If there is no true risk of death, such as somebody watching over you, it will be meaningless. I’ve done it many times and plan on another one before fall semester. I’m 53.

  4. What you are going to have to do is become very alert, very sensitive, to your whole being. You need to become attentive to all the thoughts, the ideas, your reactions, your feelings, emotions, etc. as a total experience in the moment. Is it possible? Can you do it? Very few people do. Not even meditation, or zen, does it, because you are distracted by the activity you think you are doing. You need to observe you are conditioned. You are trained, educated, and practiced in being You. No matter where you take yourself, no matter what activity you are doing, and no matter what changes you experienece, basically there is You, I, Self. Mostly we are not taking any notice of that, but persuing our ordinary or super-ordinary, lives. Seeing all of that completely, clearly, it is ended. In most countries it is not possible to live such a free life because it is all about career, business, profession, ownership. Even though it is impossible, it is only in you.


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