where can i get tarot cards in connecticut and how much are they?






  1. Gayle’s Thyme in Enfield
    Enchantments in Manchester
    or any Barnes and Noble’s store.
    They can run you anywhere from 15 to 30 bucks. Perhaps a little more if you get one in a package with an instruction booklet.

  2. well, i don’t know anything about connecticut but i do no that i found mine at a local Barnes and Noble store….i don’t know if they one up there though…. and they are usually about 20 dollars but if your a member is like 17… Just look in the New Age or Astrology section….

  3. you can go to http://www.tarot.com and see ALOT of decks and see which pictures appeal to you, you can see the deck before you even buy it. Then have it mailed to you, reasonable, standard deck sale prices. Nice big selection, and also free readings and interpretation tools. I use them alot, generally coincide with cards I physically draw, how strange is that !

  4. You can go to any commercial bookstore and buy them. I would suggest a Rider-Waite deck. They are easy to read and you will findlots of reference tools to learn how to read them for free on the web. Make sure that you sleep with them for several nights under your pillow before use.

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