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Where Can I Get Someone To Read My Aura?

idk much about it and idk if people who can expose it like this, but i live in the middle Ga usa area and am humbly asking this, so thanks
i read somewhere that said those cameras are fake, but who knows. thanks for the info. 🙂
i also read that one can try reading one’s own aura,seems cool,but i’d need practice ;D


  1. People who can read aura are very rare ; but the best way to find someone is by asking everyone you know ; if they do know someone who reads aura

  2. I have been to health fairs where they’ve used a certain camera that reads auras … however I don’t know of health fairs in your area.
    Here’s a suggestion.
    Look at this website:
    Then contact the company and and give them your zip code, maybe they know of someone in your area that has one of these.
    That’s the best idea I could come up with, short of checking your Yellow Pages.


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