where can i get good info on astral projection?

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I want to learn how and dont know what sights are real.

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Drake Haven

Do you mean like explosive diarrhea?

burning up

ever tried the Internet?

Martin G


some agnostic person
dieter b

A good bottle of IRISH WHISKEY is the starting point.


Do you mean like going into a trance or lucid dreaming, or like magical hocus pocus mumbo jumbo?


garbage bin


Hey Anthony,
If you are really interested, the best place I have come across is http://www.astralweb.org, http://www.gnosticawakenings.com is a sister site that offers free online courses in AP
Both are solid sites with straight forward and accurate info. There is lots of related info, forums answered by other like minded folks and those with lots of experience with AP.
There are other sites out there but honestly in my opinion, these are all you need without all of the fluff and mumbo jumbo of some of the others.


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