Home Discussion Forum Where can I get a tarot reading about a particular issue online?

Where can I get a tarot reading about a particular issue online?


  1. for free or a fee?
    You must be a really gullible person.
    Anyone with a decent understanding of human psychology and lack of ethics can play psychic.

  2. Hello Duwap
    An on line reading is usually computer generated, you can download them from my site if you wish – but remember that they are for fun only . Scroll down this site page. http://www.holisticpathstowisdom.co.uk/home_study_new.htm
    If you wish to have more serious guidance you can join groups, visit chat sites & try your luck. At times questions or requests for guidance get answers within my group below. Can’t make any promises though x
    Why not find a psychic who is local, whom you can sit with & have face to face guidance, that is often a positive experience.

  3. I wouldn’t trust any online readings. First and foremost, readings have to be in person. Also, the credibility of the site you go onto cannot be assured. My personal suggestion is that you buy a standard tarot deck (universal tarot and rider-waite are good ones) and learn the practice yourself. It’s cheaper in the long run.

  4. I can try to give you one…..I do them at home but I can do it then let you know what I find. If you like just email me!! good luck.


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