Where can I get a past life regression?

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Do a google search on psychics in your area. Some psychics have been trained to regress you to a past life.


You can also do a ritual called a Dreaming. You picture in your mind a time and place where & when you feel that you may have lived, before you go to bed. Concentrate on that and fall asleep. Your dreams will take you to that place and also help you to remember memories of that place and Time. This only works if you were actually there. You can also try Self-Hypnosis.


Do you have ”ask.com” / type in past life regression & you will find free readings & other info just becareful of scams.


There’s a book you might want to get: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Past Life Regression” by Michael R. Hathaway. The title is silly, but there is good advice between the covers.
Please don’t trust “psychics” to describe your past lives. That’s one of the biggest scams in the paranormal world. Only YOU can discover your past, no one else — and if you really want to recall past lives, there are doors you can open to find what you’re looking for, especially through meditation and dreams. I hope you’ll read the book.

Dog Rescuer

In front of you….Look for a way to find what you love and do that…Also when you find it give it away to others…What you seek isnt behind you its in front of you….Good luck!!!

the old hippy

just aboaut any new age book store to probably point you to someone who could do it. i can do it. i have done it many times in the past.


Scientologists. They do these on a regular basis for their members.

Aussie Witch 50

I don’t know where you live but try this link, as it is a well used link by Witches, it will have your local area listed, then refine your search from there :- http://www.witchvox.com/
Blessed Be… )O(


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