where can i get a good tarot deck?

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i am in texas and i would preferably like to get a golden dawn, b.o.t.a., or a hermetic tarot deck

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Baby's Mama! :P

It might be because I am a stick in the mud and terrible when it comes to change. (Capricorn here :P) But I really really prefer the Rider Waite Deck, which is the easiest to understand and the most standard used deck. I got mine (it came in a box and a book) at Barnes and Nobel or Boders or one of those places. Otherwise, check out Amazaon.com for a huge variety of decks.
Which ever deck you choose is the one you will become most used to anyway. Try not to change, mid stream.

ChainLightning ⅜

How good can they be? I’ve been to a company that makes these. Tarot cards are massed produced in the same places that make other game cards and packaging. Same inks and cardboard. Or does somebody know how to make magic ink? How much would that cost a gallon? So what gives them the power? Is this psychic power that anyone can buy? Everyone should own a deck or two.
There many versions of these decks. Mainly for collecting and the artwork, which I’ll admit is pretty interesting. But like other props for “psychics” it depends on random events. You will not get the same spread twice. Those that have played poker know that being dealt a royal flush is extremely rare. Because the position of the cards matters, getting a certain spread is harder that winning the lottery.
But it will explain why my cereal box glows. What does Capt. Crunch inverted mean?


I’ve noticed that most bookstores and metaphysical stores don’t carry a wide variety of tarot decks. And they don’t carry the really interesting ones. You can always buy online at http://www.bn.com
And have you tried getting them direct from the publishers. There are two Llewellyn http://www.llewellyn.com/ You can purchase directly off their site.
And U. S. Games http://www.usgamesinc.com/ Not too sure you can purchase direct from them, but Barnes and Noble should have those decks.


Book stores, such as Borders, as well as Barnes and Noble, sell tarot cards and also books about the tarot itself. The problem with buying from book stores is that you usually can’t “try-out” the cards by shuffling them, studying the cards, etc.
Websites, such as eBay, Amazon, and other online stores of the sort sell tarot decks, and sometimes have reviews accompanied by them. Of course, I would try them out and if you can, return them within a given time range if they’re found to be unsuitable. There are occult websites that sell tarot cards, gemstones, and other items for wiccans, pagans, etc.
Here is a link listing various shops in Texas with mystical items, such as the tarot:
You can also make your own tarot cards.


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