Where can I get a good honest Crystal Ball reading On-Line?

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that is an oxy-moron. “good, honest” and “Crystal ball reading” are 2 completely different things. Its a rip, don’t waste your $$$.


I have been doing readings for a long time on line. You can take a look at my site if you wish. I can provide you with feed back on request.


I agree with elmore.. No such thing as a honest reading. Go to the Bible. It will tell you what you need to know.


First of all I do believe in pyschics; I mean hell I am one.
With that being said, I for one can not read people over the internet (nor by phone), so I can not give a pychic reading. Maybee it’s possible, but I seriously doubt it.
The reason I’m not going to say it’s impossible is because maybee there is someone out there strong enough to do it; I just know that I can not.
But before I finish I want to help you determine if someone is truelly psychic or if they are just after some of your money.
First of all; all psychics (both real and fake) will ask you questions. The difference is a real one will show you that they are psychic in thier questions. For example: How many children does your sister have or Is there something wrong with your mothers health? Both of these questions show you they can see something. They just need help to decipher what they see.
Fake psychics will only ask safe questions, that they can not get busted on. Take the 2 questions I just asked you and see neither one is safe. ie you might not have a sister, your mom could have left you a long time ago. Yes, a true psychic can be wrong; your mother could have passed away last year and they are seeing the image from you of her final days, but only a true psychic will ask those type of questions. Not any questions that any Joe Schmo can answer.
If you know you can get the same answers from some one down the street then you are dealing with a fake.
p.s. I’ve never been wrong on my predictions, nor my interpretations of dreams.
ADDED: anyone who says read your Bible pychics are not real has not red thier Bible. Throughout the Bible there are psychics (profits), One of the most notable ones is Joseph the dream reader. look it up 😀


I believe any type of reading is always better in person. I prefer tarot cards msyelf. Why not try and learn how yourself. Most libraries have books on many different types of readings. We can do readings for ourselves, though I know many who frown on it.


There really isn’t a way to give an accurate reading online. That is done in person.


elmore hit the nail on the head…bravo elmore!


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