Where can I get a good chakra cleansing/alignment?

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I’ve been told I need a cleansing. Can someone help me? Or point me somewhere that will help me?

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Do stone massage Professional,steam from good chakra cleansing


From any scam artist, just go find a homeless man and give him $75, you’ll be doing some good and you’ll feel great about yourself. Otherwise, take a good bath and really think about who told you this stuff was in any way real.


Well alot of these so called cleansing and alignments that are sold on the internet or in cheap magazines are get rich quick schemes for the person selling you junk.
Think about it. I would suggest a good yoga tecnique.
Yoga is a safe natural way to cleanse and purify your body, soul, mind.
And it is not exspensive. But find a yoga teacher that does not sell useless things like charms and crystals.
If you can’t afford Yoga classes then I have a couple of links that will help. Just remember avoid being scammed. Do not buy crystals or charms that promise a miracle.
Concentrate on the yoga positions and not the hype that people sell to make a quick dollar of you.


The best simplest way to cleanse the energy body, that is your aura and chakras is to take a salt shower. Salt literally draws unbalanced energies out of your personal space and dissolves them. Basically all you do is get a large cup, preferably plastic, put alot of salt into it, then go into the shower and fill it with water of the same temperature that you would normally wash with.
Then you stir the water around, tip it over your head, making sure the water runs down the central part of your body, front and back. Make sure you rinse off really well, use body lotion and extra conditioner so your skin and hair stay in tip top condition. You will notice instant relief, if you are sensitive to energy you will also feel refreshed. This is the next best thing to a dip in the ocean every morning, or after you have been in a negative environment. Salt placed in bowls around the house also serve to absorb negative energies in the environment, help to keep the living space fresh. This kind of thing has been known in places like Japan for centuries, it clears places of stale energies and transfers balanced energies.
Crystals to use after a cleansing would include hematite as this draws pain out of the body, malachite has alot of copper content and can and does reduce pressure build up in the meridians when worn as a bracelet. Tiger iron is a combination of hematite, jasper and tiger eye, which has the properties of pulling out pain/imbalances, energising and shielding from sources of energy harm all in one go and is great if you can find a large circular piece with a hole in the middle to wear to shield the diaphragm area, which is most sensitive to energies of all types in the environment.
If you try these simple and inexpensive techniques yet feel you wish to take the cleansing further then alternative healing modalities such as Reiki can be of great benefit to balance / re align chakras and the aura.


Dear T
You may find an alternative healer in your area, who has done these before.
Also, meditation, Yoga, Reiki and good R&R and healthy eating will help you


You can leave me a request on http://wholisticmagicalworld.ning.com/
I am dipl. holistic health therapist, reiki master- teacher, cert. hypnotist,and i work also with crystals, and I do chakra clearings. In addition, I am a qualified kundalini reiki practitioner.
You can receive chakra clearing from the distance, it is very effective. I only need to know your first name, age, gender; then I will send you clearing and balancing the chakras at the time that suits you.


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