Home Discussion Forum Where can i get a good chakra balanching in Miami Fl?

Where can i get a good chakra balanching in Miami Fl?

A place or person that does chakra healing, guided meditation, reiki, etc


  1. Not many places where you and I live teach it but try reading ” Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art ” by Diane Stein. She puts in her book many things that are supposed to be kept secret about Reiki. For meditation try reading “Awaken healing energy though the tao”. Also you might want to look for a tai chi school to because many people who practice tai chi also practice many types of meditation, so after a few lessons in tai chi when you are good Friends with the instructor you can ask them about whether they know meditation techniques. More than likely they will. And if they don’t you can always learn though books. Good luck. I hope you find what you are looking for.
    Also look here
    – Reiki Enlightment Healing Center
    12200 SW 99th St
    Miami, FL 33186
    (305) 273-9533
    or here-
    The Reiki and budhism meditation center
    (305) 897-3379


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