Home Discussion Forum where can i get a deck of nice/ tarot cards?

where can i get a deck of nice/ tarot cards?

I’ve always been fascinated by stuff like that and now that i have my own money i feel like i can buy them now. Can i buy them at a book store like B&N?


  1. Yes, most mainstream bookstores like B&N or Borders carry
    a good selection of Tarot decks.
    You may want to start with a deck that has the meaning of each card printed on it.
    There are a lot of great looking decks out there, from classics like the Rider-Waite to obscurities like the Alice in Wonderland deck
    I don’t put a lot of stock in their ability to forecast the future, but I
    do collect tarot decks because I enjoy how different artists interpret
    the symbolism of each card.
    So go to your favorite bookstore and find the deck that suits you best.

  2. Tarot cards can be found at large Bookstores but a better place to find more variety of decks is at a New Age Bookstore. Do a google search in your area for stores.


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