Where can I find these following Wiccan tools?





-Book of Shadows **
-Green Cingulum
-and a Boline
* I don’t need to know where to necessarily get ALL of these, primarily I need a Book of Shadows, The Athame, The Boline, and the Cingulum.


  1. A book of shadows is your record that you write, so go to any bookstore, or any store that carries blank books
    Pentacle, any metaphysical store – brick and motor or on line
    Athame – any knife/dagger that you like. I got my at Knocksberry Farm.
    Stang – in the woods
    Wand – make one
    Boline (white handled knife) – where you find it … in a store, on line, at a fair
    Green Cingulum – since it’s a cord it’s usually given to you by whoever is training you, but I suppose you could find one on line.

  2. A Book of Shadows is usually something you create yourself or receive as part of a tradition that you’re initiated into. For examples of Books of Shadows, you might try Scott Cunningham’s “Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner” or Raymond Buckland’s “Tree: The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft.”
    As for the other things, try http://www.azuregreen.com

  3. answer: you can spend a bit of money from on-line stores or hit EBay and thrift stores. You can find a BofS in any art store – a blank-page book (or bookstore) or get a 3-ring binder (a lot easier to manage).
    Azure Green is a decent on-line store but I’d advise hitting EBay and buying a cheap knife for your athame and boline (you don’t have to cut anything with the athame, after all) and other items. Don’t look for them by their craft names only either – for example, white handled knife. Knife. Incense burner, etc

  4. Why do you have Pentacle listed twice? And I’m sure there is a store tha sells the things you need. Or look on Amazon.com or google search a store that sells wiccan stuff.

  5. Some occult bookstores may have some of those items. For the rest, I’d order them online. The ghost summoning spells that I’ve chanted before required nothing but a mirror and a semi-dark room.

  6. Metaphysical and New Age/Pagan shops are good for all those sorts of things. You can also look online; I’m sure there are plenty of online Wiccan stores who can ship you some of the stuff.

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