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where can i find the talismans in runescape?


  1. Here’s a rough guide, from RuneHQ
    Air Talismans – Sedridor gives it to you during the “Rune Mysteries Quest”, and is dropped by level 2 goblins
    Mind Talismans – Dropped by Imps, Wizards, Yanille Tower Guards (members only), and Colonel Radick (members only)
    Water Talismans – Dropped by Wizards and Dark Wizards
    Earth Talismans – Dropped by Men, Women, Al-Kharid Warriors, Farmers, and Rogues
    Fire Talismans – Dropped by Guards, Dark Wizards, and the level 18 Skeletons
    Body Talismans – Dropped by Guards and all types of Giants (Moss, Hill, Ice, etc.)
    If you’re a member…
    Cosmic Talismans – Dropped by Lesser Demons, Ice Giants, Mysterious Old Man, Otherworldly Beings and Caskets (Big Net Fishing)
    Chaos Runes – Dropped by Lesser Demons, Skeletons, Giants, Chaos Druids, Moss Giants, Otherworldly Beings, given by the Mysterious Old Man Random Event, Chaos Dwarfs, Black Demons, Ice Warriors, Greater Demons, Baby Dragons, Hobgoblins, Fire Giants, Shadow Warriors and Mountain Dwarfs
    Nature Talismans – Dropped by Moss giants, Barbarians, Green Dragons, Red Dragons, Lesser Demons, Thieves, Greater Demons, Blue Dragons, Hobgoblins, Paladins, Black Knights, White Knights, Ice Warriors, Jogres, Mountain Trolls, and Cyclopes
    Law Talismans – Reward from Troll Stronghold Quest
    Death Talismans – Reward from Mourning’s Ends Part II Quest
    Elemental Talismans – Dropped by Abyssal leeches, Abyssal guardians, and Abyssal walkers

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