Home Discussion Forum where can i find the golden dawn tarot deck?

where can i find the golden dawn tarot deck?

where can i find the golden dawn tarot deck for the lowest price in rapides parish, louisiana? i am starting to practice magick and i need it for training.
to jjt: i know but i have a book to help me and it told me to get that deck so im getting it


  1. start with a different deck. the golden dawn tarot deck is the most difficult deck to use,. if you are just starting reading tarot cards then start with the rider waite deck. the golden dawn is all esoteric symbols and relies on you knowing what the symbols mean/ the rider waite has stories on the cards and easier to read. even some of the pro have a hard time with golden dawn

  2. Amazon.com
    Unless you are joining a ceremonial order that requires that you work with that deck, you might want to start out with the Rider-Waite instead.

  3. The Golden Dawn was in a state of dissolution when Regardie decided to work with Wang on a Tarot Deck. Both had been trained under Crowley and the Thoth Deck, but he was then dead. Using the book of Thoth as a base they created their own money maker.
    It is my advice that you first read the Book of Thoth, in beginning study of Magick and make a choice between the Thoth deck and the Golden Dawn deck. There are many sources where you can buy or order either on the web and in Book Stores.

  4. Hi 😉
    This site – aeclectic tarot – is brilliant. You can read a review of the Golden dawn tarot here, along with hundreds of different cards and click on the links to purchase directly from amazon and other retailers.
    The site also helps you learn the art of reading the tarot.
    Good luck


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