Where can I find sources that tell me THE TRUTH about the Mayans?

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I was watching something on the discovery channel that said Mayans would cut their penis and through the smoke serpent they could talk to the dead, but they gave no supporting evidence, wich lead me to believe this was misconstruied (because many ancient religions talked about the spiritual and sexual power of the kundalini serpent, wich is known to be flaming hot)
Can you guys give me links on iformation regrding the smoke serpent and the Mayan people in general ?(no wikipedia links please, it’s great for a school paper, but not for finding un-bias answers)

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LOL…you’re looking for unbiased answers in Y!A??????

The Jewish Guy from Florida

They didn’t cut their penises they just used a cactus spine to puncture them and they believed that through the smoke serpent they could contact the dead, that is truth.

Rockin' Mel S

It seems like it was common for nobles to self mutilate given the number of depictions we find of it. Sometimes the blood was scattered sometimes collected on pieces of paper. They would then burn the paper as an offering.
Males would typically use sting ray spines or obsidian blades (never heard of cactus as mentioned above but maybe) to perforate their penis (or other body parts like ears). Women would perforate there tongues.
Yaxchilan has a very famous carving named “Lintel 24”. That shows a female blood letting ritual. Lintel 25 shows the resulting offering/smoke serpent part of the ritual, links for both are below.
I’m almost positive I’ve seen a male blood letting ritual depicted on a Jaina Island figurine but I can’t seem to find it now. If I do I’ll come back and post a link.


There is none.
Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
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There use to be two good sites that had excellent info on the Mayan. Sadly, they are no long on (Luckily, I got a cache to one of them. I’ll post it on sources). I now just tell people to ask me personally. LOL.
Mayan nobility would do self sacrifice.
The serpent is mostly known as vision serpent.
A good image that depicts the vision serpent for the blood letting ritual:


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