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Where can I find some sort of spiritual teacher?

Borderline Zen Buddhist interests but more free thinking. I believe in Lao Tzu spoke truth. The name that can be names is not the eternal name. Formless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the birth of ten thousand things. Some teacher told me when I was a child that the a great roman thinker warned us about boxing ideas and that it would eventually be our own undoing.
I have no interest for Religious things but can respect it. More self help methodology on how to realize where and what exactly this is and how to help people who seek these same answers. However I have never encountered more truth in my life then when I discovered this free wave of thinking and the closest, if not a bullseye, to what I am craving deeply is Zazen or Zen Buddhism.
I have been meditating lots but I forget about it sometimes for a few days but the world is quick to remind me of its erroniousness assumptions. I live in Canada in a somewhat materialistic world. Not so much as. More optional then required I believe.
I would like to persue the path to spirituality. I would like to learn about the spirit and the body. I want to learn how to help people and I am trying hard here but I am left with too many questions. This topic excites me which triggers more meditation. I am starting to watch my thoughts more and more and I am quickly realizing that, because of my past, I have some hidden skeletons in my closet. So I would like to find a good experienced spiritual teacher who can actively participate in my advancement and answer any questions I might have.
Thank you for your time


  1. Do yourself a favor…Contact Jehovah’s Witnesses and ask for a bible study….you will learn the absolute truth about everything.

  2. You can also try the great teacher (scientific) Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, SRF California, or YSS india. You can even get lessons by Post. Before that read “Auto biography of a Yogi” By Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
    Thank you

  3. You might try you-tube for videos of many spiritual teachers. However I would like to point out that this kind of thing cannot be taught on the level concepts. A real spiritual master baptizes you in their unmasked God-radiance. Other than that meditation techniques can be explained, the ultimate goal being a fully conscious, quiet mind. A good book that helped me to understand where the master was coming from; I AM THAT

  4. a) look in the mirror
    b) keep up your zazen, sounds like a wholehearted effort
    c)find a local sangha(temple)

  5. Hi Joey,
    If you have questions which need answering then I suggest you ask them to whoever comes across your Path and wherever you get the answers that speak deeply to you, then that is the direction you should consider looking at. I have been on an inner mystical Path for the last 15 years, it is impossible to put it into a category, because it encompasses everything which is of any use to me on my journey, including Zen, Tantra, Yoga and martial arts and a multitude of other methods too numerous to mention.
    Yu Jin Li can be contacted through yahoo groups by putting in neijiatao in your search bar. You can get in touch with him directly through this group and ask any question either privately or on the forum; his answers are well worth reading as he has gone through the whole internal process himself and is not merely reading from some long-forgotten and misinterpreted ancient text, but has direct experience and a vast amount of insight.
    If you still do not find what you are looking for, then I suggest in the meanwhile you keep preparing yourself mentally and physically by continuing your meditation and any other practises designed to open up your energy lines, such as martial arts, yoga, sound work/chanting to clear out your chakras and anything you feel pulled to do, which will help in your inner search. Then as is said, when the student is ready, the Master will appear. And it has to be so, because the Master is on the lookout and when the student has that magnetic pull, (s)he will definitely appear.

  6. Dear Joey,
    Nowadays there are so many options for people to explore that the real danger is maybe wasting one’s time shopping around. That said, though, it is important for you to really connect in a deep way to whatever you choose to put your energy into.
    A couple of things popped into my head as I read your words.”the closest, if not a bulls-eye, to what I am craving deeply is Zazen or Zen Buddhism.” “I would like to learn about the spirit and the body.” “I want to learn how to help people.” “I have some hidden skeletons in my closet.”
    These are what responses come up in my mind: First, as to the skeletons… ;->… I have been a meditator in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition for some 30 years. I clearly remember the first thing that happened when my meditation practice first got going. I felt that my skeletons would be uncovered, and great fear came up. Sometimes I couldn’t stop crying. Eventually, I learned to be very gentle — more gentle than I knew I could be — with myself, with my thought process. That was the beginning of learning to be kind to myself, and the root of how it might be possible to be compassionate to others. Because we all start out feeling that we are uniquely screwed up, but we find that actually our own neurosis is key to helping ourselves as well as helping others.
    I don’t know where you are located in Canada, but if you are anywhere near a Shambhala Center, you can find well-trained, experienced meditation instructors (instruction is free) and perhaps guidance to a local Zen center, if that is what style you are most interested in. I have found that there are differences in approach even within Zen, so see what clicks with you. (As others have said here before.)
    If you are interested in a Zen body meditation practice, you might check out Kyudo Meditation Archery in the tradition of Kanjuro Shibata Sensei. Beginning instruction is offered in Halifax NS, Karme Choling in Barnet VT, at Zen Mountain Monastery in upstate NY, and many other places. I’ll include some links. It’s a good body/mind practice, for anyone of any level of practice, any age, any strength.
    I wish you well in your quest.


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