Where can I find some nice quality, affordable Yoga clothes?

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I don’t care if I have to order online. I just want really nice quality clothes that are made of good material. I’m especially interested in yoga pants that are cropped.

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slightly Irish

I bought mine at MC Sports, they have a loose hang, but still maintain a silk-like feel 😉


i think target has some really good and cute ones for a reasonable price

mwah. x

try adidas discount stores.
they offer adidas clothes that have been really reduced, so they’re really affordable.
I got my yoga pants from there and i LOVE them.

2 amBitiOus 4 dD sAmE gAMe

at victorias secret they have some really nice and comfy stretch pants that are like twenty or thirty bucks


My friend goes to yoga like everyday, and she is always
wearing lucky brand, and its really nice and comfy:)
OR http://www2.victoriassecret.com/collection/?cgname=OSCLOACTZZZ&cgnbr=OSCLOACTZZZ&rfnbr=4701


target or try ebay


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