Where can I find significant results on the side effects or negative effects of Monster Energy drink?

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It cannot be hearsay, I need actual scientific proof.

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Well my hubby drinks them all the time, I truthfully don’t see that they do anything ( he says that they give him energy burst) I just think they taste good!

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With me. I have been drinking the Monster in the blue can (1 can a day) and since I have started this my arthritis pain and the leg cramps I get nightly for the past 20 years are gone and if I skip drinking it for a few days the arthritis and cramps BOTH come back.
Do you live beneath the blue suburban sky ??


on the side of the can. people sensitive to caffiene, children and pregnant women should not drink enegry drinks. It has to do with the amount of caffiene in them. Caffiene effects lots of things.


youtube maybe?


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