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where can i find rose quartz beads to make kagomes shikon no tama necklace?

im making my own since i cant afford the one from tamashop.and ebay wasnt much help.i made one with shades`of scupley clay but i want it more crystal looking


  1. Fire Mtn is probably your best bet. They have beads in acrylic, resin, glass, and real quartz — depending on your budget, of course. Rose quartz is a pale pink. They have some Czech glass beads that are the right color and may work well for you.
    I’d suggest getting a few other beading friends together and combining an order. They give discounts for purchasing larger numbers of items. You get one price if you buy 1-14 items, a better price if you buy 15-49 items, and it gets even better from there. The items don’t need to be identical or even related. If you buy three strands of the same beads, it counts as three items. Be sure to get stringing materials and a clasp, too. They also have some finished jewelry in the Just for Fun section that isn’t expensive at all. You could get some of that, and sell it to friends, and make up at least part of the cost of your own necklace. Be sure to get things your friends would buy, naturally.


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