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Where can I find physical evidence of the paranormal?

I have spent some time looking at paranormal things such as telepathy, ghosts and telekinesis and I am now curious about whether or not any of it exists. I can’t simply trust that it’s there from written accounts of it, so I wanted to ask: Where can I find physical evidence of the paranormal. Something that can’t be explained with conventional science. I live in Dallas, Texas so are there any haunted buildings nearby? Can you recommend any other methods of finding said evidence?


  1. You can’t find any evidence, because there is nothing there to find any evidence of. Now angels and demons, those are real. Although I wouldn’t advice you to go looking for demons, they can be a real pain in the a**.

  2. Awaken your energy centers. Your body will be more sensitive to energy. By doing that you will have a larger aura. Ghosts are attracted to that, and then you will sense when a ghost is near. Goosebumps over your whole entire body. There are also exercises to strengthen this muscle in your eye, so that you can see auras. If a first hand experience is not evidence, then whatever.

  3. 43things…
    i’m sorry it seems like a stupid answer…
    but i found a lot of stuff
    make an account (its free)
    and put in your goal
    oh and cemeteries
    civil war sites
    (oops never mind about civil war there weren’t many battles in texas)
    texas and mexican war sites
    i’ve seen a LOT of paranormal
    oh and you can hire the guys who call them

  4. You can find your own evidence. It may not be what others would call evidence but you can find enough to suit yourself. I recommend electronic voice experiments. Try recording EVP, if there is anything that qualifies as evidence this is it.

  5. There’s no evidence, you could go and watch Ghosthunters or any other “ghost show” on the television, but how sure can you be that there’s no effect being used in that show? You can’t.
    I’d honestly say the only true way for you to find the paranormal is by finding it yourself, no amount of evidence can beat your own experiences. If you’re really interested in it, try conducting your own investigation, try to keep your thoughts, opinions, and mind open. And if something happens great. And if nothing happens, great. Hopefully, you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.

  6. the opposite of protons and neutrons is the electromagnetic spectrum. so there will be no evidence. it is a frequency of radio waves similar to the atom. frequencies form a planetary motion of + – ” string theory”. electrisity, radio, cell phones travel at the speed of light then vanish.
    The wonderfull ALPHA WAVE radio is a well hidden secret.1st radio invented by Nichola Tesla that was considered insanity.
    ANSWER. triangulation of ALPHA WAVE ” bio wave” 1 to 50 Hz. it is a low frequency it can have 10000+kHz in 1 wave. Only a electronical engineer or the human brain can decode the channel. IT is to be used with discretion and responsibility

  7. “Physical”, by definition, excludes anything paranormal. If we had physical evidence, it would not be paranormal.
    Good for you seeking the evidence though.

  8. You can’t find evidence. The only thing you can do is rule out the explainable causes. In most cases when you start to explore explainable causes for paranormal then the mystery is solved.

  9. simply ask sylvia brown your name at the bet line in any track you will see that i am physic she wont know your name and lose money

  10. Rupert Sheldrake, Dean Radin, Gary Schwartz. Just a few university people working on physical evidence for the paranormal (and have produced it in experiments). Just google their names.

  11. Well, Ghosts aren’t physical, so there is no physical evidence. The only way you would be able to experience them is in person. Just don’t expect to show up on cue. They appear and disappear at their own will. Here is one site that lists haunted places in Texas. There are several there for Dallas.
    Remember to approach every situation with a skeptical perspective. Paranormal is what is left after every logical possibility is ruled out.


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