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Where can I find people who are just getting started in a meditation practice to chat with?

I have just begun a meditation practice in the last year. Nothing really structured yet just kind of feeling my way through the process. I would like to find people to talk with who are interested or have taken this journey themselves.
I’ve tried forums but most seem to get me in over my head pretty quick. Just looking for the basics. Though someone might know of a website where one can chat about these topics.
Thanks for any help


  1. Misty,
    There are a lot of different types of meditation, so a lot depends on which one you’re interested in, or you might just want to take a look at several different kinds before you settle in. I’d suggest you do some reading on the different meditation techniques and then Google them to find some groups. You might put ‘beginning’ in front of the name of the meditation technique to help narrow down the group. Yahoo! Groups have a lot of these types of online forums.
    If you’re interested in zen meditation I’d suggest a group to which I belong. It’s in Yahoo Groups and is called Zen_Forum. There must be several hundred other forums on zen alone, much less the other types of meditations. Zen_Forum is not limited to discussions on meditation nor only for beginners, but anyone who comes into the group and asks questions will get a lot of answers. Of course as everywhere it would be up to you to filter through these responses to find ones that are best suited to you and your meditation goals.
    Good luck!


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