Im semi new to the wiccan and pagan religions. I want to increase my knowledge of the religions, magick, tips, etc. Iv practiced a few times but it never turned out to well.

Im looking for sites, book recomendations, and stuff along those lines.

(and if anyone can help me with my problem of not being able to meditate without something happing, plz email me)


  • Merry Meet Ryu,

    If you are interested about learning more about Wicca and/or Witchcraft here are a few legitimate sources to glean knowledge from. First being Witchvox at Here you will gain knowledge through fellowship with other of like mind and knowledge through the countless articles posted. If this is not enough one could look into getting online training through the Sacred Mists at or OZ Wicca at, and Witch School at has some really good resources plus they have a free first degree program. All are pretty decent for learning the Craft on the Web though like any site they have some issues, take what you can and leave what does not work. Also if you are close enough to an active group that specializes in education and development like the SCWF try and join them even if it’s on a limited capacity.

    Not all DVD’s are equal, but if that’s what you like to use to learn try Witchcraft Rebirth of the Old Religion by Raymond Buckland (DVD), Discovering Witchcraft by Janet and Stewart Farrar (DVD), Ancient Mysteries Witches by A&E (DVD), Craftwise Volume 1: Candle Magick by Peter Paddon (DVD), Craftwise Volume 2: Cord Magick by Peter Paddon (DVD), Wish on a Spell, Vo. 1 by Deborah Gray (DVD), Practical Magick (DVD), The Craft (DVD).

    I also suggest that you get your hands on Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin and/or The Circle Within by Dianne Sylvan. Both of these books are very good reading and both will give you some deeper insight to the Craft and how it relates to you. Also you cannot go wrong with anything by Scott Cunningham. Try your local public library for resources and recommendations, many people donate directly to them for the community to use.

    If you are a teen, Elements of Witchcraft: Natural Magick for Teens by Ellen Dugan, and Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf is also good. But neither is completely accurate in regards to history, but they will help you out nonetheless. Also check out for more information, it’s a pretty good site for base information.

    Study as much as you need to before deciding that you are Wiccan. Find those near you who are reputable and knowledgeable. Also stay away from those who are playing Wicca if you are serious about the religion and the craft, they will only slow you down and/or mislead you. Also, read all the books you can get your hands on, the good ones as well as the bad ones. Ultimately, study, study and then study some more. Find all you can and definitely cross reference whenever possible, this way you can get the best out of all you learn.

    Remember, you are the only one that decides what’s good for you, not someone else because. Because as far as I am concerned, every author in has something to offer, all you have to do is ignore the information that is not accurate and/or wrong and keep the good information. Oh and I suggest staying away from groups and/or web sites that slander other people’s names, because they tend to generate and cultivate an atmosphere of negativity and that will start your walk in the path with a biased light and you would miss out on some good information and resources.

    Just my thought on the issue, take from it what you wish and leave what you don’t like.

    I hope my blurp helps out.

    Blessed Be


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  • I can give you a link to the website for our temple.
    There’s a lot of good history and basic information
    about how spirituality evolved and the world came
    to be as it is. There is also information about the
    modern practice of our religion. Not much is said
    about metaphysics… we don’t believe in hollywood
    style magic… our metaphysical focus is on things
    like direct personal experiences with deity, prophetic
    dreams and visions, etc.



  • Well, start picking up books and don’t put them down. Pick up more books and keep reading. Start in the “new age” section of the local bookstore. Do a search on “Wicca” at your local library. Look for “The Spiral Dance” by Starhawk, “Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner” by Scott Cunningham, Raymond Bucklands “Complete Book of Witchcraft,” and “Drawing Down the Moon” by Margot Adler.
    Pick up an “idiots guide” or “for dummies” book about paganism and witchcraft. Look for authors like Christopher Penzac, Isaac Bonewits (recently deceased, Gods rest him), Robert Hutton (he can be a bit dry, but there are few better scholars when it comes to neo-paganism), Gerald Gardner (he isn’t historically accurate, but as the founder of Wicca, is a good resource), Aleister Crowley (who was crazy like a fox).
    Join online forums in Facebook and dealing with paganism, Wicca and witchcraft and start asking questions (be patient and careful, people can be touchy in those groups when the fluffiness wears off, but are well worth getting to know.) Go to iTunes and search podcast keywords like “pagan” or “witch.”

    Take your time and enjoy the journey. It won’t happen all at once and it’s not a race. Remember, everyone (every person in forums, every author, every podcaster) is going to tell you something slightly different. You are expected to verify and authenticate your own knowledge rather then accept everything at face value from these sources (especially when it comes to historical information.) You will eventually, however, come to a wider and greater understanding of modern pagan culture and neo-pagan beliefs, religions and magickal practices.

    Here are two resources I have created from my own experiences and viewpoints… feel free to browse them:
    Blessings and good luck,

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