Where can I find or download free binaural beats for Astral Projection,Meditation,Manifestation,ESP / Psychic,?

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and also Christ Conscious,Motivation,Prosperity,Weight Loss,Lucid Dreaming,Memory Enhancer,Shaman Conscious,Self Hypnosis,DNA Stimulation,Endorphin Release,Remote Viewing,Spirit Guide,Aura Viewing,Creativity,Health,Stress Relief,Telepathy,Energy Enhancer and Past life regression.Im tired of money,i want something free or maybe you are kind enough to let me download or borrow your binuaral beats.anyway thanks in advance.

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The only places I know of are YouTube or else to go to one of the binaural beats websites where they are for sale and download their free trial… most of the companies offer this. Besides that you can get some really cheap ones at the Unexplainable Store but you would have to spend at least a little.


I am sure you can find such stuff on Limewire or Vuze. Sounds like an ambitious list. If only there really were frequencies of sound that could stimulate such stuff. Too bad it isn’t that easy. Just out of curiosity, what the heck is DNA stimulation? Are you trying to reproduce a-sexually or something?


Try here. There’s 20+ for free. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread547993/pg1


Brain wave generator should do it.
Only training wheels , you will outgrow them it you are serious about growth 🙂


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