Home Discussion Forum where can i find occult stores in the detroit area?

where can i find occult stores in the detroit area?

i live in wyandotte and am looking for an occult store that carries wiccan supplies.


  1. Well first start with your local phone book, nothing there? then try looking it up online. Quite simple really….

  2. Cosmic Eye Crystal & Stone Shop
    Proprietor: Kris & Tyr Boss
    Telephone: (734) 282-2010
    Located in: Wyandotte, Michigan
    Shop Profile: Offers everything needed for the Downriver Pagan such as candles, stones, spellkits, books, oils and herbs. Also offers statuary, pendulums and tarot, jewelry and the latest from local artists and supply chains.
    Check out new features such as the Reading Room where complimentary coffee, tea and goodies are offered in a quiet, cozy environment. Get a reading from one of the many diviners on staff. Also check out the classes offered in Earth-based spiritualities, traditions as well as one-on-one workshops for all sorts of topics and crafts. Calendars are available. Also offered is a drop station for the F.O.C.A.S. Foodbank. Bring a nonperishable item to help support the community.
    Shop Address: 2911 Biddle Ave. , Wyandotte Michigan
    Directions: Between Eureka and Northline (Ford Ave.) Rd on the corner of Oak and Biddle (West Jefferson) Ave. in the heart of Downtown Wyandotte
    Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday 11 am – 7 pm


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