Home Discussion Forum Where can I find Group Meditation Classes?

Where can I find Group Meditation Classes?

I want to attend Group Meditation Classes. Where can I find the schedule or Calendar for such things?


  1. You can check out the local events calendar on http://www.harsamay.com which has all the schedules for Group Meditation and Yoga class details. This site has a lot off information on Yoga, Meditation, Raja Yoga, Patanjali Pathanjali Yoga, Pyramid Meditation, Satsang, Rama Chandra Mission Raja Yoga, Subhash Patri ji Breath Meditation, Inhale Exhale meditation, Pyramid energy, Pyramid Size and its impact on Cosmic Energies, Calendar of Group Meditation etc.

  2. Guided meditation demonstration video, meditation music, and books about Falun Gong are free to download from the URL listed below. If you need any help, contact a local practitioner in your area for free classes. Meditation originates from Eastern practices such as Buddhist or Daoist belief. Good luck.
    Falun Gong is a unique Buddhist School, found in 1992 by Master Li Hongzhi in China. About 100 million people practice in over 80 countries worldwide. Falun Gong is an ancient practice for the body, mind, and spirit based upon the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. Falun Gong consists of five sets of powerful exercises.
    Falun Gong, Tibetans, other Buddhists, and Christians have been persecuted in China. The most offensive human right violation is the organ harvesting from the Falun Gong practitioners in China.


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